2016 Undergraduate Scholarships For Indian & International Students At Ashoka University In India

Ashoka University is offering undergraduate scholarship for both Indian and international students. Scholarship is available for pursuing undergraduate programme in Liberal education.

Ashoka is committed to provide financial aid to all deserving students. While selection to Ashoka is based upon student merit, including academic and extracurricular achievement, scholarships are entirely based upon need.

Ashoka University is a private, nonprofit university, and an unprecedented example of collective public philanthropy in India. Ashoka offers its students a multidisciplinary liberal education, usually defined as one that transcends the boundaries between the arts and sciences, and carries a strong emphasis on learning across subjects.

Applicants require both SAT scores/Ashoka Test (both optional)

Course Level: Scholarship is available for pursuing undergraduate programme.

Study Subject: Scholarship is awarded in the field of Liberal education.

Scholarship Award: This is a need based scholarship ranging from 15% to 100%

Scholarship can be taken at: India

Eligibility: To application for this scholarship, applicant must have an offer of admission from Ashoka University.

Nationality: Scholarship is open for Indian and international students.

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirement:
-To get a firm offer of admission from Ashoka University, a student needs to have taken the SAT or ACT or Ashoka Test or have the final class XII board scores. Our DI Code for SAT applicants is – 7343. All students applying with SAT/ ACT scores need to send us their official transcripts.
Applicants without any one of the above scores are not eligible for a firm offer.
-For applicants whose final class XII board scores are not available at the time of evaluation, the SAT/ ACT or the Ashoka Test may be used to make a firm offer of admission. This is especially helpful for the first round of admissions where most students may not have their final board scores.
-The higher score out of Ashoka test or ACT or SAT or board marks will be considered to take the final decision on the candidature.
-No applicant will be rejected before receiving the final class XII board scores.
-All other applicants (other than ones who have got a firm offer of admission) will be deferred and will be communicated a final decision on their candidature after receiving the final class XII board scores.

Test Requirement: Applicants require both SAT scores/Ashoka Test (both optional)

Supporting Material: Components of the application form:
-Personal and demographic details
-Academic performance from class IX to XII
-Extra-curricular and co-curricular participation and interests
-Essay (the topics are listed in the application form)
-Standardised tests such as the SAT, ACT, etc. (these are optional)
-Letter of recommendation (optional, only one letter can be submitted)
-Financial aid (only students who wish to apply for financial aid need to fill this section)

How to Apply: Eligible applicants should complete an online scholarship application.

Application Form

Application Deadline: The deadline for applicant is April 30, 2016. (for Round 2)

Scholarship Link

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