University of Laval $7,000 / Year Masters Scholarship Canada 2017. Apply Now!!

The University of Laval is offering Masters Scholarship for African and European Students.

This scholarship is provided to promote academic excellence and contribution to sustainable socio-economic development.

This scholarship is worth $7,000 per year and its renewable once under the Faculty approval.


– Applicant must be a foreign student who is a citizen of an African or European country other than

– Applicants must have graduated from a public university accredited by the ministry of higher education in your country of origin. For private institutions, eligibility is determined when the file is reviewed.

– Applicants must have registered full time for the first two semesters in the program of study for which the scholarship was granted.

– Applicants must have managerial and leadership skills.

– Applicants must have good academic results.

Application Process

The mode of application is online. There is no form to complete for the masters scholarship. To be considered for this scholarship, Applicants are to apply for admission in the institution.

Applicants should visit the follow guide page to apply.

Application Deadline

The application deadlines for this scholarship are as follows:

– Admission for summer 2017 : January 15th 2017
– Admission for fall 2017 : February 1st 2017



  1. Fisaha Alem

    January 10, 2017 at 10:24 am

    It is pleasure to write this letter of recommendation to Ms. Fissaha Alem. I know his as a student in the department of mechanical engineering, Aksum University since 2016. I have given his a number of courses.
    He has achieved good academic background and well skilled capacity in mechanical engineering; He also contributed a considerable time and talent to a number of extracurricular activities. Upon graduating, the department believes that He will be one of our ambassadors to name the value of the Mechanical engineering profession.
    During his stay, He was very communicative with high team work skill. He has dutiful and ambitious for his alignments and duties. Because of his out standing practical engineering problem solving capacity, I empathically recommend Mr. Fissaha Alem, for those who wish to employ a graduate mechanical engineer. I strongly believe that He will perform best in all application of Mechanical Engineering with his intelligent and fatigable capability.
    I wish his success in this future endeavors.
    With regards,
    A.Syed bava bakrudeen,
    M.SC.Engineering, ph.D,
    Senior Lecturer In Aksum University
    Mechanical Engineering Department, Aksum, Ethiopia.
    Mobile: +251925266825
    Email: badrunesh

    As a lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Departmengt of Aksum University, I am privileged to write in support of my student, Mr. Fissaha Alem. He studied in this university for five years, during which time I witnessed his tremendous growth and development. This development came out not only in the area of scientific achievement and discovery, but in maturity and character as well as outstanding organizational skills. He is able to succesully complete multiple tasks with favorable results despite deadline pressure. The final year project on Design modification of pedal operated maize thresher machine in will reflect hardwork and intelliegent approach of him.
    He was very regard in this class & took active participation in the class room discussions. Besides this, he is a man of pleaseant manners, good habits respectful to his teachers and superiors, considerate to his colleagues & can be relied up on any job.
    His written and oral expression in English language is quite good
    I wish him all the best in his future endeavors, be it any mechanical engineering work, teaching or reaserch or in further educational studies.
    Sincerely yours
    Kassahun Gashu Melese,
    MSc.In Mechanical Design,
    Senior Lecturer In Aksum University
    Mechanical Engineering Department, Aksum, Ethiopia.
    Mobile: +251-912-63-62-62, Email:

    Recommendation letter
    It is a great pleasure to write about Mr. Fissaha Alem, as a department head of Mechanical Engineering and his instructor for different courses since December 2012. He was my student for five years. I taught him courses such as Engineering drawing, strength of materials and machine design project as his instructor. I also recorded and follow his grade status with registrar as head of the department.
    So in these all time, I got Mr. Fissaha Alem, that he is technically competent, hard worker, positive thinker, energetic and professionally dedicated person. Furthermore, he is cooperative, disciplined and accommodative. He is a person of strong desire to pursue higher studies, which is required for his positive progress for enhancing the teaching process and researches. He is meticulous, well read and aspirant for furthering through academic performance. He has written good final year project (thesis) with is classmate and presented it in attractive methodology. Then finally, he graduated on July 2016 in Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. In my opinion, Mr. Fissaha Alem, has the ability to express his knowledge on his profession to any company which he is recruited for.
    With regards;
    Mr. Tewodros Hailu
    Mechanical Engineering Department Head
    Tewodros Hailu M.Sc. In Thermal Engineering
    Lecturer at Aksum University
    Head Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Aksum, Tigray, Ethiopia
    Mobile: +251911423103, Email:,

    Motivation letter
    First name Fisaha
    Last name Alem Aregawi
    Email address

    Date of birth YYY/MMM/DDD 1990/3/12
    Citizenship Ethiopia
    Position Assistant lecture in Aksum university
    Male or female Male

    Dear,mr/ mis ………………………………….
    I am writing this letter to express my interest in mechanical engineering scholarship to study in your university. I am interesting of applying for masters in mechanical engineering research focus area control and dynamic complex system. Interesting for the field of mechanical engineering. The reason I need to study this course is my country is now on the way of transformation from agriculture to industry so there is no enough educated on this area in addition to transfer my knowledge to my student I am Appling for this scholarship due to financial difficulties and keen interest in the subject to be able to support my studies.
    I am assistant lecture in Aksum University Ethiopia in mechanical engineering design stream focus area. When I obtain my MSc degree I will teach my students by transferring the positive sides of the teaching and learning of the developed countries , and also when I come back to my home country I will muck in on some project design because now Ethiopia is on the way of transformation from agriculture to industry. Because of this and others I am highly interested with this scholarship.
    When I go to study my MSc program I will also study the social, political and the technical development of the country. It is known that there are different belief, languages, behaviors political thinking in the world. I am very sociable person I believe on unity is strength and I can work with any one where it come from any part of the world.
    This chance will give me an international professional in control and dynamic complex system in mechanical field of study. This will further open may way to my feature educational career to presume my PHD and finally I will get the best chance in the inter of my life to good model of my students in transferring my knowledge to my student so as to contribute my shear towards changing the bad image of my country Ethiopia.
    Throughout my educational career I have been hard working and determined to reach on this level. I hope you will be able to consider my application and take in to account my circumstance to see what arrangement will be best.
    Finally I would like to say thank you for all the university members and to the government of that country for giving this chance for us. if there is any question about my application please contact me by or phone no.+251966290201 or +251914394556.

    Your sincerely
    Fisaha alem

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